Hi, there! Welcome to the niners club!

I’m so happy you found us! I’m Brooke Stewart, an east coast native from Maine, where I currently live in the summer, Florida in the winter and in our RV traveling in between. 

Seven years ago, I met my husband Ronnie while out in California. I would soon learn that the man I would eventually end up marrying, was (and still is) a professional motocross racer with a crazy, unpredictable lifestyle. With him being a racer and I with my sport management background, we connected; instantly feeling that our hearts belonged together and that our vision for our future was better chased together. 

I ended up quiting my job and packing up my entire life, moving out of my house, and selling my truck to go on the road. We were chasing the dream, and it was the best feeling in the world! We ended up starting up our own motocross team and built it to a competitive size. At the time, we would travel 10 months out of the year, with full preparation in the off-season to get ready for the upcoming year. Essentially, we had no time off.

Fast forward to today, we’re traveling half of the year for racing but are continuing to do schools and other small business plans. While this has helped to create a bit more stability for our family, we’ve hardly slowed down since welcoming our son Easton into this world!

I started my blog with the hopes that I could connect people and inspire them to live more in the moment. Sometimes we get stuck in the ‘in-between’ seasons of life. The times where we focus more on the next phase of life rather than enjoying the chaos of the current one. I’ve learned that these seasons are necessary to build ourselves into the people we want to be and if we have big dreams or different goals, they may take longer!

So I’ve started to focus more on living life happily, in each moment, as it comes, and less about the perfection that my OCD mind keeps pursuing. I’m learning that I want to be a nine out of ten, striving to be great but not perfect.

I hope this is a place that ensures you that things are happening in your life, even if they are not right in front of you, and that it is ok to live a life you’ve dreamed of, even if it’s different! Being on the road and living the way we do I frequently feel myself wanting or needing something that I don’t currently have, but I wouldn’t want to live any other way either! It’s a constant work of grace to be happy and content with where we are in life!

The man of your dreams will come into your life when he’s supposed to, you will have the house, babies, car, dream job when the time is right. Don’t live in the moment of want, live happily in each moment, as it comes. One day, you will look back and realize how lucky you are! 

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